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Additions | Basements | Bathrooms | Kitchens

We help turn your outdated home into your perfect vision. Shepherd's Home Repair are your go-to remodeling contractors.


We work with you from the beginning rough sketches and all the way until your vision is brought into your home.

We can do small remodels such as bathrooms or kitchens to add those great touches to your home. We also do full additions to truly turn your home into your dream home.

You'll be kept up to date with all the work being home, where the money is going, and when the project is expected to be done. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and complete the project in a timely manner.

Interested in learning how Shepherd's Home Repair can help you reimagine your home? Give us a call or fill out our free consultation form.


Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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